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Announcing The StorSuite Merger

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StorSuite - A people first approach to the self storage industry

Pinnacle Storage Properties, FineView Marketing, Storage Shield, and Phyrem Have Merged to Form StorSuite

Austin, Texas, January 17, 2024 –  Pinnacle Storage Properties, FineView Marketing, Storage Shield, Phyrem, Pinnacle Storage Managers, Fervent Capital, and My Storage Plus, announce their merger today to form the first asset-backed service company to support owners and operators in the self storage industry. 


The consolidated company will operate under the brand name of StorSuite. StorSuite is the first service provider to be backed by real assets and dedicated to elevating the self-storage industry with exceptional service, operational excellence, and stronger owner relationships.


StorSuite services will include the following: 


  • Custom websites and marketing strategies to attract renters and retain tenants.
  • Automate tenant interactions with a technology-driven platform to enhance efficiency.
  • Tenant protection plans that ensure security for both tenants and operators.
  • Third-party property management to enhance the value of your investment.  
  • Investment solutions that offer long-term appreciation and optimized returns. 


Storage Shield, continuing its specialized focus on tenant protection plans, will remain under the leadership of Damon Emerson, ensuring continuity in service excellence.


StorSuite is focused on preserving human connections and guiding clients to informed decisions. Strategies are customized to meet the specific needs of each client while unlocking growth opportunities.

“It only made sense to merge all the organizations under shared ownership. It is our objective to create a people-first company dedicated to delivering exceptional service where the owners, operators, and vendors in the self-storage industry experience traditional, high-quality service from our dedicated team members. ”– John Manes, Founder of Pinnacle Storage Properties,

Pinnacle Storage Managers, and Storage Shield; investor and strategic partner in Phyrem; and currently serving as Chairman of the Board, StorSuite.


“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this newly merged company, drawing on my marketing expertise and past operational experience as I step into the role of StorSuite CEO. My focus will be on harnessing our shared strengths to innovate in the self-storage industry, emphasizing the investment in our people and cultivating strong relationships for shared success.” Christina Alvino, Founder of FineView Marketing and StorSuite CEO.


“This opportunity to merge with companies of mutual ownership provided the essential funding and resources we needed, allowing us to continue to enhance the self-storage industry and tenant experience through services backed with advanced technology. Our dedication to innovation is further demonstrated by several patents pending, reflecting our commitment to pioneering new solutions in self-storage.” – Zach Bolton, Founder of Phyrem and StorSuite CTO.



StorSuite is the first asset-backed service provider established to support owners and operators within the self-storage industry. With extensive knowledge in operations, marketing, technology, tenant protection, and investments StorSuite is uniquely equipped to enhance operational efficiency and accelerate client growth. Our central values of authenticity, transparency, and excellence are at the core of everything we do. We are committed to enhancing the success of our customers by providing customized, innovative solutions that will drive mutual success. 

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