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Marketing strategies and website services designed to meet the distinct requirements of storage owners and operators. Our solutions concentrate on particular challenges or offer a full range of marketing services, working closely with each client to ensure effective outcomes.

  • Implement innovative marketing strategies to enhance business growth.
  • Design user-friendly websites that drive conversions and revenue.
  • Enhance local SEO and manage effective paid media campaigns.
  • Data-driven approaches to deliver measurable and impactful results.

Specializing in modern management solutions tailored for self-storage operators. They adopt a people-first approach, emphasizing custom management strategies. Their focus is on boosting profitability for storage operators while also safeguarding their investments.

  • Personalized management services enhancing self-storage facility operations.
  • Strategies aimed at boosting profitability for storage business owners.
  • Tactics to maximize occupancy rates and escalate revenue.
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology for superior customer service and experience.

Automating self-storage management and communications. Offering self-storage owner and operators tools to automates and optimizes daily management processes and tenant communications in a centralized platform by leveraging bluetooth and location-based technology.

  • Streamlines tenant services with easy-to-use, one-click options and digital maps.
  • Orchestrates outreach to elevate the overall tenant experience.
  • Boosts operator efficiency and productivity with advanced technology solutions.
  • Provides comprehensive analytics for insight into customer interactions and.

Storage Shield specializes in protection plans for self-storage operators, offering coverage against various risks such as fire, wind, vandalism and burglary. There is more to revenue than rent collection. Increase your NOI effortlessly, while achieving high tenant participation rates. 

  • Integrates with existing property management software for seamless operations.
  • Achieves high tenant participation with superior program management.
  • Gives operators full control over plan limits and pricing to fit their specific needs.

Pinnacle Storage Properties excels in self-storage asset management, focusing on maximizing returns and managing risks. They identify and enhance underperforming properties, optimizing operations and aligning with market trends. This approach ensures long-term financial stability and success.

  • Underwriting for operational efficiencies to project accurate property returns.
  • Consistent asset performance tracking to meet investment goals.
  • Proactive risk identification and mitigation.
  • Streamlining asset management processes with technology for efficiency.
StorSuite Founders - Christina Alvino, Scott Worden, Ross, John Manes, Rania, Damon Emerson, Robbie Dunn, Zack Bolton

Unified Excellence

The Collective Power
of Our Partners

In a momentous union, StorSuite emerges as the result of a strategic merger, seamlessly blending the strengths and expertise of several distinguished storage companies. This collective endeavor stands as a testament to a shared commitment to innovation, customer-centric solutions, and industry leadership. The synergy achieved through this merger positions StorSuite as a powerhouse, uniquely equipped to elevate the self-storage landscape, ushering in a new era of excellence and unparalleled service for our valued clients.

StorSuite - A people first approach to the self storage industry

We elevate those we work with by leveraging our expertise and sharing in mutual growth.

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Our History

John Manes, Co-Founder of StorSuite

John Manes starts as District Manager at Uncle Bob’s (Life Storage).
⦿ Promoted to Regional VP of Uncle Bob’s (Life Storage).
⦿ Becomes COO of a leading regional storage operator in Houston, TX.
⦿ Co-founds Pinnacle Storage Properties with Robby Dunn.
⦿ Co-founds and serves as Chairman of the Board at StorSuite.



Damon Emerson Co-Founder of StorSuite CEO of Storage Shield

Damon Emerson joins U-Store-It (Cubesmart) to start his career in self-storage.
⦿ Transitions to Sales Director at StorSmart Tenant Insurance.
⦿ Serves on NeSSA and PaSSA boards.
⦿ Becomes Partner and CEO of Storage Shield.
⦿ Serves as Divisional VP and Co-Founder of StorSuite.


Christina Alvino Co-Founder and CEO of StorSuite.

Christina Alvino is hired as the Marketing Manager at Guardian Storage Solutions.
⦿ Relocates to Austin, TX, as Director of Marketing for a regional operator.
⦿ Becomes Director of Marketing and Operations for a top 10 industry operator.
⦿ Founder and CEO of FineView Marketing.
⦿ Assumes the role of Co-Founder and CEO of StorSuite.



Robby Dunn, Co - Founder and Board President of StorSuite

Robby Dunn makes his transition from Multi-family investments to self storage.
⦿ Acquires his first self-storage location, Lake Houston Storage, in Huffman, TX.
⦿ Partners with John Manes to create Pinnacle Storage Properties.
⦿ Co-Founder of StorSuite and Board President.


Scott Worden Co-Founder of StorSuite

Scott Worden enters the self-storage industry as a Business Development Manager at OpenTech Alliance.
⦿ Joins PTI Security Systems as a Business Development Representative.
⦿ Becomes a part of CallPotential, initially as a Business Development Manager, and advances to Director of Business Development.
⦿ Scott joins StorSuite as a Co-Founder and Director of Business Development.



John Manes acquired his first self-storage property in Boerne, TX.


Phyrem - Self Storage Technology

The Phyrem team begins working in IoT.


Pinnacle Storage Properties (PSP): Established by John and Robby to serve as their dedicated asset management company.
⦿ To date PSP has purchased 41 total deals and raised over $51M in private equity.
⦿ In 2021, PSP successfully completed the sale of a 14 property portfolio, achieving a sale price of over $100M.



Pinnacle Storage managers - Logo

Pinnacle Storage Managers: Established by John and Robby to serve as a third-party-management company.


Zack Bolton Co-Founder of StorSuite

Zach Bolton begins his journey to immerse himself in the self-storage industry.
⦿ Launches concept utilizing Google’s Nearby via bluetooth beacon advertising for Android devices.
⦿ Began meeting with key players in the self-storage industry.
⦿ Zach serves as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for StorSuite.



FineView Marketing Logo - Marketing and Website for Self Storage

FineView Marketing: Christina Alvino launches the company to offer custom website marketing solutions specifically tailored for self-storage operators.


Phyrem - Self Storage Technology

Phyrem: The all-in-one iOT mobile engagement platform was created by Zach Bolton.




Christina partners with John and Robby to purchase her first self storage property.


Storage Shield is established as a service-focused company providing self-storage tenant protection solutions.



StorPass Self Storage Technology

Phyrem launches StorPass and StorReach.


Phyrem launched StorTrax and StorMaps.



John Manes assumes his role as a member of Phyrem’s advisory board.


Phyrem signs an exclusive contract with Monnit in the storage industry and launches StorPatrol.



StorSuite Founders - Christina Alvino, Scott Worden, Ross, John Manes, Rania, Damon Emerson, Robbie Dunn, Zack Bolton

StorSuite – the first vertically integrated, asset-backed service provider offering a comprehensive suite of solutions is unveiled to the self-storage industry.


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Press Release

Austin, Texas, January 17, 2024 – Pinnacle Storage Properties, FineView Marketing, Storage Shield, Phyrem, Pinnacle Storage Managers, Fervent Capital, and My Storage Plus, announce their merger today to form the first asset-backed service company to support owners and operators in the self storage industry.


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